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I am James Graham and I currently live in the United Kingdom, which is where I was born. I decided to create this blog out of pure passion as I had caught the travel bug at an early age. I couldn’t travel anymore without sharing my experiences and memories I have encountered along the way.

I would love for people to read my blog and to be inspired by the content I post and for people to have a genuine and passionate interest with travelling.

I will be frequently updating my blog with the latest travel related content and I will also be sharing my travel knowledge and tips which you can use to get the most out of your travels.

I really hope that you will be travelling the world with me, one step at a time and I also hope that you will take the time and effort to read and interact with my blog posts.

If you would like to know more about me please visit the About Us page.

I am James Graham and I am 22 years young. When it comes to travelling, I would love to wake up in a different place most days as I believe that it is healthy to immerse yourself into many other cultures which are different from your own. I can name every country in the world and well over 100+ capital cities as this is something which truly interests me. Flags and historical facts are something which I enjoy researching and studying as every flag and fact has a different meaning and a story which has impacted many lives for the better or worse.

I have just completed my college studies in Computer Science meaning that I received my Higher National Diploma. Since then I have started to work at a part-time job doing as many hours as I possibly can to save up for my travels. Although this could be considered a hurdle or obstacle, I can easily overcome this as I still thoroughly enjoy booking holidays and flights as this is something which I am extremely passionate about. I came to the realisation that there are so many different cultures and cuisines which I have never witnessed or experienced. I really love immersing myself in different cultures as this is important for humans to evolve as they can personally grow by learning about other peoples stories from all various backgrounds and walks of life.

I always enjoy exploring popular cities but on the other hand I also enjoy venturing out to lesser-known places and visiting countries which are nearly unheard of outside of the travelling community.

I would love for you all to become a part of my travels by travelling the world, one step at a time.

Travelling With James

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