Things To Do In Berlin

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

12 January 2020

We landed at Berlin Schönefeld Airport from Manchester Airport and when we arrived at the airport we then proceeded down to the metro station which is situated inside the airport. After disembarking the aircraft and successfully passing through security we immediately headed straight down to the ticket machines and a single one-way metro ticket was reasonably priced at €3.60 which is obviously vastly cheaper than getting a taxi so we paid for our tickets and searched for our platform which was simple enough to locate and we then had a 45 minute train journey to Charlottenburg which was our stop. We were on our flight for a duration of 1 hour and 55 minutes which is considered short-haul for me and many other passionate travellers. Soon after we exited our hotel for a night of sightseeing we soon realised that there were many things to do in Berlin.

After we found our hotel which was a couple of kilometres away from the city centre, I started to use Google Maps to enable me to set up a route to the Berlin Icebar which was a distance of over an hours walk away from where we had originally started. Before arriving at the Berlin Icebar we had walked straight through the Brandenburg Gate and had also seen the US Embassy. The Berlin Icebar was comfortable as there is a warm lounge before you eventually enter the actual Berlin Icebar which is set at a cool temperature of -10°C. 69,000 kilos of ice was used to shape the overall interior. The drinking glasses are made out of natural ice which was bemusing to see whilst drinking my beer. The staff here were so friendly and welcoming to us and it was very quiet in the Icebar itself because there was only 5 of us inside (including the bartender).

Berlin Icebar

13 January 2020

The following day we visited the Hard Rock Café Berlin which I am always a big fan of as their burgers and cocktails are so tasty and worthwhile. I ordered a Bahama Mama cocktail which consisted of Bacardi Superior Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, DeKuyper Crème de Banana and the fresh flavours of orange and pineapple finished with a splash of grenadine. We arrived in good time as it was happy hour, meaning that our two cocktails were €9.45 which was certainly and definitely good value for money. After drinking our cocktails we then headed upstairs for food and I ordered the local legendary burger.

Hard Rock Café Berlin

After exiting the Hard Rock Café Berlin we then stumbled across an illuminated signpost which was advertising the Irish Pub located in Europa-Center and it was described as the most famous pub in Germany. We discovered that they have live music every night at 21:30 and entry is completely free.

14 January 2020

On the following day we got on 2 buses to the Berlin TV Tower/Berliner Fernsehturm at approximately 15:30 until 17:30 and we saw the spectacularly mesmerising 360° panoramic views of Berlin and the surrounding areas. The entrance cost was €17 for an adult observation deck ticket.

Berliner Fernsehturm

Immediately after exiting the tower we discovered the Momotaro Tavern which is an eatery and I ordered an American Cheese Burger which was only €5.90 and €4 for an Erdinger which is a traditional German beer.

Whilst exploring Berlin I walked past a store called Ampelmann which had caught my eye as I could see traffic lights inside, as I was curious I decided to go inside and have a look for myself. Once inside I quickly realised that they had a whole store dedicated to the man on the traffic lights. The English translation of Ampelmann is Lightman so that then made sense to me regarding the store name and origin. They were selling traffic lights which was amusing and humorous to me as I have never before witnessed traffic lights being sold to members of the public. Inside there was a piece of the Berlin Wall which had been signed and autographed by the one and only David Hasselhoff who famously sang above the Berlin Wall.

Ampelmann, Berlin

We also visited and wandered around the Mall of Berlin which looked very appealing to shoppers and also pleasantly clean from my perspective.

Mall of Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie was awe-inspiring to gaze at just because of the sheer importance of history which took place and occurred here many previous decades ago. It is such a shame that we arrived quite late at night to Checkpoint Charlie as I would have been so interested and intrigued in going to visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum but hopefully next time I visit Berlin I will absolutely go inside and navigate around the museum just to learn what life was actually like in Berlin during and directly after those tough and heartbreakingly seismic times for both East and West Germany.

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

15 January 2020

We left our hotel at approximately 08:00 and directly headed towards Charlottenburg station which was only a 10 minute walk away from our hotel. Our train journey was for a duration of 55 minutes. We were on our flight for a duration of 1 hour and 55 minutes which is considered short-haul for me and many other passionate travellers.

Hopefully we will return to Berlin soon as there was no way near enough time to do absolutely everything but thankfully and fortunately we are so impressed with this wonderful and beautiful city that we decided to visit for a short city break.

I would also like to thank Ryanair for the extremely cheap £10 return flights which I am extremely grateful and appreciative for as this makes travelling even more affordable and accessible than it already is in terms of budget airlines anyway.

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48 thoughts on “Things To Do In Berlin”

  1. Thank you for sharing all your pictures and talking about your experience. I have never been to Berlin before, but I would love to visit some day. I have a fascination with the history of the area!

  2. I did a whistle-stop visit of Berlin many years ago while helping friends on a music tour. made me want to come back …. but never got round to it,
    Interesting comments about the Ampelmann store – it’s on the list now! I never had a problem with Ryanair’s cheap flights to Europe , they helped me see so moor for less so, like you, I seek out their deals whenever possible .

  3. I haven’t been to Berlin since I was a teenager. I always use google maps to find cool places to go too in new cities that I’m in and it sounds like you found a lot of great spots.

  4. A really good read, bringing back plenty of happy memories. We went to Berlin a couple of years ago and loved it. I missed the traffic light shop though! (A good reason to head back eventually, I reckon)

  5. What a great trip! I’d love to visit Berlin one day. I’m located in the US and am jealous of a 2hr plane ride to Germany!

  6. This is a great read – thanks for sharing! Awesome photos, too! I live in Berlin and sometimes I enjoy reading about how visitors perceive the city.

  7. Those Ryain air flights sound like an ideal bargain to visit Berlin! I,too, visited Berlin during winter and so would like to visit one summer when travel is permitted again to explore more of Mitte and the museum island area and outdoor bars.

  8. I love your passion/devotion to travel to all these cities!
    As for Berlin, well I’ve only been the once and that was on a day trip to Poland in 2015. That was also the first time I visited the Czech Republic on another day trip.
    I love visiting the mountain ranges. I’ve been skiing in the French Alps, I took some good photos if you want to add them to your collection (obviously no copyright 😀 ).
    I’ll get some inspiration from your traveling ideas.

  9. It seems like you were able to see a lot in such a short amount of time. The icebar sounds really cool (no pun intended)! Thank you for sharing your experience. I will add the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Icebar to my list of places to see there.

  10. I haven’t been to Berlin yet but I hope to make it there for the Christmas market this year, I didn’t know about Checkpoint Charlie Museum, it sounds really interesting,

  11. Berlin would be a fascinating place to go, glad you got to wind down in the Hard Rock restaurant as well – I’ve been dying to go back since Dublin!

  12. Definitely check out the Checkpoint Charlie Museum next time you visit. I was there before the wall came down so it was very moving to see the pictures and right outside the wall and guard stations.

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