Whilst still being relatively young, I have learnt some beneficial travel tips which can definitely help the avid or casual traveller, whichever one you are, no matter what travel style you choose to have.

The majority of these links will be websites and apps that I make sure to use when I travel and absolutely nothing in this article whatsoever is sponsored. I would also like to personally thank all of these websites which I have all stated and outlined further down below in this article because they have helped me and many other eager travellers considerably when it comes to making travelling more easily available and accessible to the masses due to their ease of functionality and usability.



Booking.com is quite similar to Skyscanner in terms of features and functions but Skyscanner is primarily focused on flights whereas Booking.com is more known for accommodation in the travelling sphere/world. Booking.com is where I mainly book my accommodation from as I can easily find and access many cost-friendly and cost-effective deals for different styles of accommodation which are usually great value for money. They also offer a reward incentive which is their genius loyalty program and all you need to do to achieve and accomplish this is to create an account with them and then book 2 stays within the last 2 years. In return of doing all of this, you will receive multiple perks such as savings of up to 10% which is definitely ideal when it comes to saving up for your next travels or using that money elsewhere on an excursion. There are 2 genius levels and genius level 2 is unlocked by booking 5 stays within the last 2 years which is entirely reachable and plausible for the avid traveller and even for the casual traveller. In return of doing all of this, you will receive multiple perks such as up to 15% off at selected properties, alongside your existing 10% discount for being on genius level 1. Free breakfast and free room upgrades on selected options is also another choice or option which sounds intriguing and promising for anyone who travels regularly or frequently. Once you reach genius level 1 or 2, you cannot lose your membership with Booking.com and you will receive these extra perks and added benefits for each time that you use their services which is part of their customer incentive scheme.



easyJet is very similar to Ryanair but they are most known for their bright orange branding when you walk past their check-in desks or look at the side of their vast fleet of planes. Most of the time, easyJet is a little more expensive than Ryanair but still worth looking at as there are still some cheap offers and deals to be found. They are an airline that is fairly reputable for a budget airline and similarly to Ryanair they have routes to some parts of Africa and Asia so they are expanding rapidly and completely shifting their focus and priorities to launching other routes, which will help in broadening your travel horizon.

Jacks Flight Club

Jacks Flight Club is a cheap flights fare finder that can be used for free but you can also pay a small and worthwhile fee to get premium membership which means that you get a lot more cheap flight fares sent directly to you via email or app notification. The free version can be quite limiting in terms of features, so if you want to pay to get premium there are three different pricing options with the cheapest being £15 for 3 months, £25 for 6 months and finally £39 for 1 year. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or order. I have purchased premium membership for a total of 1 year and I always get excited when I receive a notification from them as I never know what destination is going to be appear next on the notification list.


Ryanair is one of few budget airlines remaining in Europe and probably the most widely used with the majority of budget travellers as they are known for their fantastic deals as I found out when I booked a flight to Berlin and I paid £10 for a return flight, £5 each way, unbelievable I know right. Most flights I have had with them have been pleasant enough for short-haul and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who hasn’t travelled with them before and then you can cast your own judgement on their general service and overall standards.


Skyscanner is a comparison website which allows users to compare prices and fares for various travel related items and resources such as flights, accommodation, car hire and airport transfers. I have used Skyscanner on multiple occasions and every time I use them I am  so pleased with the high level and quality of service of which I ultimately receive and also finding and locating the cheapest flight options possible is made an easy task as the website is smoothly run and operated, which makes it an absolute and definite must have for an avid or casual traveller. Definitely recommend.


Google Maps

Google Maps is very useful for having when using it for navigational purposes and reasons around any destination or remote place as it is highly accurate and it can help you find and locate your next steps nearly instantly and then all you have to do is decide what mode of transport you would like to take, enter your current destination and your planned destination and it will then calculate the estimated time of arrival and how many miles or kilometres the journey will take you depending on your mode of transport i.e. walking will obviously take much longer but most travellers prefer walking around cities and remote locations as they can see more of their surroundings and they can take it all in at their own pace and leisure. I mostly use Google Maps when I am walking around somewhere and I am looking for a particular place that is not too far to walk to because I use Rome2Rio for the more longer distance trips and walks.


Rome2Rio is certainly one of my favourite travel resources as it is very simple to comprehend and understand even for novices because all you need to do on their app or website is type in your starting location and then your intended ending location. After doing this it comes up with a variety of options and these could include modes of transport such as a bus, car, ferry, plane and train. Usually the cheapest options automatically appear at the top of the page but sometimes it can also be the shortest distance journeys which also make an appearance at the top of the screen. Most of the time the distances that are the shortest usually end up being the cheapest obviously because there are less modes of transport being involved and therefore cutting costs drastically which is certainly a huge priority to many travellers. They are mostly known for providing transportation itineraries but they also offer car hire, hotels, tickets and extensive travel guides.



GetYourGuide is an experience booking website where you can pre-book your way to popular and lesser known attractions, some even offering a skip-the-line option which can save a lot of valuable travel time. You do not have to make an account with them as they ask you if you would like to checkout as a guest, regardless of saying yes or no they still email you with your confirmation voucher which you can show to the attraction operator on the day, some confirmation vouchers are required to printed off before visiting the attraction so always make sure you confirm and double check this before turning up if you are unsure. Very useful for anyone who prefers to book all of their tours and trips before they actually arrive at their destination so they are fully organised and prepared. Definitely recommend.


Tiqets is very similar to GetYourGuide but both of these websites and apps are just as good as another as they both provide an exceptional service and they both offer a vast range of locations and attractions, some of which are off the beaten path which is ideal for the more avid traveller whilst at the same time not singling out any casual travellers as there is many choices for them as well which is really ideal for all parties and individuals involved. Definitely worthwhile downloading their app and a decision that you will not regret at all.